Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Plan and conduct investigations using the statistical inquiry cycle

Plan and conduct investigations using the statistical inquiry cycle.                      21/11/2017

Screenshots for IXL tasks:

Links to activities:

1. Coming up with a Question
2. Planning a fair investigation
3. Gathering Data from the investigation
4. Analyzing the data
5. Presenting the data

Modelling Book: Plan and conduct investigations using the statistical inquiry cycle

Scales, timetables and Charts

Scales, timetables and Charts

In Maths we have been learning to interpret and use scales, Timetables and charts.

Here is a link to our online modelling book.

These are the activities that I have completed as part of this learning.

  • When and weather - the evidence of this is in my book.
  • Roundabout Rugby - the evidence of this is in my book.

My next Step is to apply the new knowledge that I have gained to real life situations eg using airport/bus timetables.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Wellington Trip #5 Part 1

Wellington Trip #5                            20/11/2017

We went to wellington on the 13th of November 2017.
We journeyed on a plane to the north island where we came in to land at the capital of New Zealand; Wellington Airport.
The first day we stayed in one group and went to the national war memorial:

There we learn't about World War one (WW1) and how 
Will (a person that was in world war one wrote the story about how they survived out there and where they went and how they fought which was cool to learn about.

Next we came back to the YHA and had dinner (which was subway) and then had a long walk around the city center and learned about places we would be going the next day (like parliament) and then we had supper afterwards which was hot chocolate and biscuits and it was delicious!!

Part 1 of 3

Our trip to wellington.

Next blog post coming soon.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Playing Tag #4 (Other)

                                  Playing Tag #4                               1/11/2017

Today Tracy, Alex and I found someone on the field and we asked her what was wrong. She said that had no one to play with so we let her play in our tag game (Empathy) we were playing with most of the year 7's. We had an awesome time and I'm sure the person did too (collaborating and connecting. She wants to hang out with us more so we will let her play with us in future when she wants too.

Chorus Box Meeting #3 (Other)

Chorus Box Meeting #3                       31/10/2017

Today all the student leaders met with Valerie from the City council, we talked about the final preparations for the chorus box design. The happily chose my sketch as what should go on the box so I am especially excited!
She brought in paints and other materials like chalk, brushes, cloths/rags and more to paint with. 
After our awesome trip to Wellington we shall do more around the chorus box painting.

The care values I showed in this meeting were: (collaborate + connect) Community, (ask questions) Active thinking, respect and (self aware + resilient) excellence!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

NZ Identity: Parliament

NZ Identity: Parliament.

As part of our New Zealand Identity unit we have been learning all about New Zealand Parliament.

Here is a link to the online modelling book for this unit if learning.

We have learned all about the different roles that people have in parliament.

Key roles in Parliament Activity: Key Roles In Parliament

Some things that I have found interesting are:
  • How to vote when your 18 year old.
  • What the government and opposition actually do in parliament.
  • Who the speaker is, and how he/she does there work.

My next step is to see parliament in reality this/ next year on my Wellington trip.