Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Assembly #1

Assembly #1

I helped Mr. Muller set up the chairs for assembly today. Me and my friends had nothing to do at lunch so we helped out with assembly and worked as a team to get it done.

The care values I showed today were: Community, active thinking, respect, and excellence.

HLC #4 Design and create chorus box ideas.

HLC #4 Design and create chorus box ideas.

For this home learning challenge I had to create a design for the chorus box that is near our school. We went to the city council and decided to help our community we would stop graffiti by putting a mural on the chorus box. 
Mr. Ladbrook chose me to design that mural because everyone liked the idea I did with the tree.
I created 10 designs over the holidays so people could choose they're favourite and the one with the most people liking it will be painted on the box.  :)
The final thing I have to do today is show everyone my ideas and we will have decided the mural for the chorus box.

The care values I have showed are: Community, active thinking, excellence and respect.

Student Leaders #9

Student Leaders #9                              17/8/2017

Today is the day I show the other student leaders my ideas for the chorus box. I hope they'll like them but if not I can do more.
My favourite one I've drawn goes with the tree idea I have drawn that everyone liked and it says oaklands school in leaves, as if the leaves were on the ground and it says oaklands school out of them.

Turns out I have to do it all tomorrow because not all the student Leaders are here today :/

The care values I have showed are: Community, respect, active thinking, and excellence.

Student Leaders #8

Student Leaders #8                              14/8/2017

Today I have finished my idea for the chorus box, it is currently 10pm on a Sunday just before school starts for term 4 again.
I had to stay up really late because I have been travelling around for the school holidays and forgot about what I had to do.
Image result for oaklands school logoI have created 10 pretty good rough sketches of ideas about what it could look like. Every one of them has been hand drawn and I am going to put them together to make one big drawing. 
Some of them have the school houses (Rata, Rimu, Miro and Kowhai) in them and some have the oaklands school logo.

I have finally completely the home learning challenge of creating this and will blog about that soon.

The care values i showed were all of them.

Student Leaders #7

Student Leaders #7                               14/10/2017

Today (last day of school holidays) they told me to create an idea for the chorus box by myself over the holidays because everyone voted for my first idea to be on the chorus bx itself.
So now I have to design the whole thing! 
My plan is to create lots of different ones so people can choose what kind of thing they'd like on the chorus box.

The care values i showed were all of them.

Monday, 16 October 2017

My Election Writing!

My Election Writing!                          27/9/2017

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

Is National the best party to vote for?
Personally, I think we should all vote green.
I believe Green has some awesome ideas for a healthier lifestyle for us all and here are a few policies that are going to change your thoughts about who to vote for. For instance, they want to make it safer for children to walk and cycle to school.

Making it safer for children to walk and cycle to school.
They will make it safer for children in schools by reducing the speed limit around schools, and fund walking/cycling infrastructure and a fund of $50 million would be established to fund infrastructure around schools to separate walkers and cyclists from road traffic. Which will result in happier cyclists and pedestrians because they don’t have to share the road. This is a very important policy because children will become more fit and energized when they get to school to start the school day. Another important reason why it’s important is that there will be less of a traffic jam of parents trying to drop their kids off to school because more will be coming by themselves on their bikes and scooters. Another VERY important policy from the green party is… to aim to have 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

Aim for 100% renewable electricity by 2030.
For example they plan to replace the normal way to make power with renewable options like wind, solar and geothermal power. Why this is important is because we will be less power lines everywhere because people will have solar panels on their roofs. Another reason why this is an important policy is that it will be safer to have in homes. Another very important policy to have in New Zealand is to create a whale sanctuary in Taranaki.

To create a whale sanctuary in Taranaki.
The Green Party would create a marine mammal sanctuary in New Zealand off the South Coast of Taranaki, called the South Taranaki Whale Sanctuary. The sanctuary will be the biggest in New Zealand (30,000 square kilometres). We should have a whale sanctuary in Taranaki because people overseas and in nz are hunting whales and they are slowly dieing out of existence because of this. If we have a whale sanctuary then we could save a few whale species that are going to go extinct. But, in other parties they have policies that are not as good as green’s, for example, increasing funding for maths in primary schools.

Increase funding for maths in primary schools

If national increases funding for maths in schools we will have lots of unhappy children!
If they increase the funding in maths, what’s in it for the other subjects? And…
The only reason they probably want to fund it more is because people aren’t learning it in schools as well and they want to help those people out more. But! Think about the people who have worked hard with everything they are already doing, they’ll have to do more! Let’s go over all of the positive points about voting for green again!

That about wraps it up for the reasons why the green party is the best to vote for. This is why we should all vote green. If Green takes leadership we can have children going to school safe, renewable electricity by 2030 and make sure whales don’t go extinct in New Zealand. We will live healthier, hopefully eat healthier, and stay healthier. So, are you still voting for national? Or have you changed your mind?

My next step is: To put more emotive language in my paragraphs.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Student Leaders #7

Student Leaders #7                             22/9/2017

Today Tracy and I created drawings for the chorus box idea.
She doodled a drawing about a tree and I did the Oaklands symbol.
It was a great out come yet she still didn't like it; so she's working on another one right now. 
I decided to make the design on the whiteboard, then transfer it to paper. I am preparing to show it at the next meeting.    :)

The care values i showed today were Community, Active Thinking, Respect, and Excellence!