Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Getting involved at lunchtime!

Getting involved at lunchtime!             28/2/2017

It is 12:45 at lunchtime, my friends and I are eating inside together hearing the teachers read out the notices online and on the board for today. One of them was that there would be a game of capture the flag on the field at lunchtime today which me and my friends were very interested in. We decided to get involved and play with the other kauri students on the field playing this game. We jogged over to where the pals had set it up on the field after the teachers had let us go out to enjoy lunch. They asked us to take a side, either bibs or non bibs, we chose non bibs because it would be easier to run without them. After they'd evened out the teams the first round begins and we race to the center line and try to get through to the opponents side without getting tagged, grab a flag and get back across! It was quite hard to do this though because the opposite team had very good defenders so it was almost impossible! Unfortunately the other team won and we went back to our sides to begin the second round. 

The whistle blows and its back to the excitement and positive attitude! This time I dodge my way to the other side and finally make it across with a few other people that managed to make it. I grab a flag and take off at top speed, luckily most of the other team were looking the other way trying to not let people in so it was way easier to get back across to our side! We won this round safely with big smiles on our faces that we'd beaten the other team for a round that went well. But not for long because since we tied it was to the third round we had to move onto which was much harder because people were trying to win because this was the tie breaker but everyone was also very tired from the last two rounds. Sadly the last game was given to the other team through hard work and because they got three flags across to their side before our team. They won fair and square and that's what good sportsmanship is about!

Setting up assembly!

                    Setting up assembly         28/2/2017  

Today I decided to help Mr. Muller set up a full school assembly with my friends. We walked there and talked on the way, then when we arrived we entered the hall respectfully and helped the other students that had come to help work with Mr. Muller to set up the chairs for the teachers, parents, the year 7/8 students, and the student leaders that sit up the front of the assembly. Mostly everyone worked on one thing at a time, like we started on the year 7/8's area of the hall then moved onto the parents and finally the teachers sitting area. When we'd finished we went out to enjoy our lunchtime on the adventure playground. :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Technology and on the bus #1

Technology and on the bus #1          16/2/2017

I arrive early to school, come into the classroom, taking my bag with me to the mat. I make sure to grab my pencil case and hat as well. The teachers do the roll then it's onto the bus with my friends I go! We hop on and find a seat near the back then put our bags next to us and chat the way to Lincoln Primary School where we have technology. I get off the bus and say bye to all my friends since all of them are together in one class and i'm by myself in the other. :(

I come into the Wood works classroom and put my bag down next to me while I sit on a stool at a wooden table with Elizabeth. We listen to Mr. Bowers (the wood works teacher) tell us how to make the project we're making and how to sand it. Once we've been sitting for a while we go off to Mandarin and learn how to say different phrases and stuff. Then we got back and start our projects by sanding everything down and gluing the pieces together to make a cube. Then we will paint them next week and wire them to make speakers! I'm looking forward to next week when we come again! 

Vocals Lesson #1

     Vocals Lesson #1    17/2/2017

At 10:00 am I meet Elizabeth, Katie and Dabok in the classroom while everyone else goes out to fitness. We venture to he hall which takes us a minute or so then once we're there wait for the last group to come out until we go in. Once we're inside we line up facing the vocals teacher and she asks us to put down our books and find a place in the room to stand before we start practicing. We do the songs 'Tomorrow' by Annie and 'Where is Love' by Oliver and then learned a few musical notes (crochet, quaver, minim etc...) they use in music to identify how to play them or sing them in this case which makes sense to me because I used to play the piano! After that we practiced doing our voices high and low. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! :)

(What i did in my music book)
(sorry it's lop-sided :/ )

Student Leaders #3

                         Student Leaders #3       8/2/17

Today we worked with Mrs McCloud and kept reading the book about 'eight things I wish I new when I was a school captain'. We read chapters 1-3  (nobody likes a goody two shoes, leadership is simply so much bigger than representing at school events and everyone notices my every move) they were interesting and told me facts about what other leaders had done and what not to do next time! It has told me a few things I probably wouldn't have known if I hadn't read this! We're going to keep reading this in our spare time until we've finished all 8 (plus the conclusion) chapters. :)

Student Leaders #2

                      Student Leaders #2        22/2/2017

Today We worked with Mrs McCloud on public speaking. First we got given a school journal and had to memorize quite a hard poem out of it. Then we got into pairs and practised it one them, then got into a small group, then shared to all the student leaders...
I enjoyed this experience because I enjoy reading and poems but not really to the everyone so I went in the pit a bit but afterwards I felt good that I did it! 
Being a leader is not as easy as it seems. :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Student leaders #1

                             Student leaders #1                       15/2/17   

Today was the first day at planning stuff for the year to come. We watched a video telling us about what things we could work towards to accomplish during the year. We've also been adding ideas to a doc about what we should plan to make the school fun, and we're furthermore focusing a lot around house pride (Rata, Miro, Rimu and Kowhai) and making it fun to be in a house competing against each other. Some of my ideas (for fun at lunchtimes that are for kakano/kauri students) have been colouring-in competitions, competitions for the houses to compete in over the term and a bin idea all the student leaders are working on at the moment. I hope all these turn out as well as I imagine them. :)