Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Vocals Lesson #1

     Vocals Lesson #1    17/2/2017

At 10:00 am I meet Elizabeth, Katie and Dabok in the classroom while everyone else goes out to fitness. We venture to he hall which takes us a minute or so then once we're there wait for the last group to come out until we go in. Once we're inside we line up facing the vocals teacher and she asks us to put down our books and find a place in the room to stand before we start practicing. We do the songs 'Tomorrow' by Annie and 'Where is Love' by Oliver and then learned a few musical notes (crochet, quaver, minim etc...) they use in music to identify how to play them or sing them in this case which makes sense to me because I used to play the piano! After that we practiced doing our voices high and low. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! :)

(What i did in my music book)
(sorry it's lop-sided :/ )

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