Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Technology and on the bus #1

Technology and on the bus #1          16/2/2017

I arrive early to school, come into the classroom, taking my bag with me to the mat. I make sure to grab my pencil case and hat as well. The teachers do the roll then it's onto the bus with my friends I go! We hop on and find a seat near the back then put our bags next to us and chat the way to Lincoln Primary School where we have technology. I get off the bus and say bye to all my friends since all of them are together in one class and i'm by myself in the other. :(

I come into the Wood works classroom and put my bag down next to me while I sit on a stool at a wooden table with Elizabeth. We listen to Mr. Bowers (the wood works teacher) tell us how to make the project we're making and how to sand it. Once we've been sitting for a while we go off to Mandarin and learn how to say different phrases and stuff. Then we got back and start our projects by sanding everything down and gluing the pieces together to make a cube. Then we will paint them next week and wire them to make speakers! I'm looking forward to next week when we come again! 

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