Thursday, 30 June 2016

Librarian duty #5

Librarian Duty #5                                  30/6/2016

Today the library was closed due to... I have no idea! I am sad that I can't do it because being a librarian is my favourite thing to do at school! So anyway I couldn't do my duty but I still show leadership every lunchtime! What I did was I played with Hailey and we found a soccer ball sitting in the middle of the senior court area behind rooms 11,10 and 9. It was just sitting there and no one was collecting it so we ran up to it, named it Sporty, and passed the ball to each other. Catching and throwing, passing and rolling, bouncing it off walls, playing games with it, playing netball and basketball with it... everything you could possibly do with a ball!

We didn't even realise we did it for the whole lunchtime because we were having so much fun! We let a few join in and made a great fun game! Then near the end of lunchtime we pretended it was a dog for fun and took it around the school slowly kicking it then pretending it had a lead on and pulled it around! We had the best fun we could have with a ball (did I already sat that?)! Anyway the leadership qualities we showed were comunication because we were talking and finding out what we could do with the ball, connecting a well because we connected in the game? Finally we were being self aware! I think? Anyway that's all for now bye!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Technology #5

Technology #5                                                       28/6/2016

Today was very eventful. I would be putting my special mark on the piece of wood (the table top) that I have been sanding for the past weeks and I get to start on sanding the table legs! But A few things went wrong in the process... Mr bowers did a big talk to us about how hot the ends of the poker burner things are and I listened very well to that. When it was my turn to do it though, i asked Mr. bowers to help me put in the plugs and turn it on, he accidently, before turning it off, burn't me on the hand/finger with the end of the poker thing. It hurt and was hot! He told me to quickly put it under cold water so I did. 

It was okay after a little while, but it still hurts even now when I put pressure on it. But I don't blame him for doing that, he didn't know I was beside him. ( I guess I showed the care value of Resilience here)It went okay after that, until I heard I had to drill htings in to my wood next... I freaked out in my mind but just breathed in and out slowly in the actual world. Mr, Bowers helped me because it was scary! It turned out well and now I just have to sand all the wood legs for the table. I great day (accept for the burn)!

Technology #4

Technology #4!                                                     24/6/2016

Yet again, more sanding. 
Doesn't matter though because I know it is going to turn out amazing when it is finished and it will sit and my new bedroom next to my bed (if I do the sanding correctly)! I learn't some new tricks from Mr. Bowers which were the following, if you put the wood on an angle and sand hard on it it turns it very smooth and what we want! The types of sandpaper are: 100p, 180p, 320p, 600p, 1000p, 1200p, 1500p. They make is sharper and smoother! Anyway, when we got back on the bus the boys started rocking it back and forth back and forth annoyingly making the whole bus wobble and shake, again. I showed the care values of Respect and Excellnce when I was on the bus by being Resilient, self aware and communication (talking to the person next to me only.)

Student Led Conference Reflection.

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC ( student led conference) were: When the teacher came because I felt I wasn't much of a good presenter when doing my SLC slide document.

What went well and why? I think as my mum said everything went well, because nothing went wrong and my mum really enjoyed listening to me do my speech.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC? The challenges for when I was getting prepared was actually helping others because I was told to help out someone who didn't want to do it and I had to read it out to him and he would copy most of what I said. The challenges for when I presented was to not suddenly start day-dreaming or mumbling my speech and presenting.

What changes would you make for next time and why? Maybe the teacher could be there for longer because I was having trouble by myself. I would maybe practice more? Not loose my books right before the conference.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Peer mediator Duty #3

Peer mediator Duty #3!                                                 24/6/2016

I turned up on my peer mediator duty on time (self aware learner quality)! Natasha said she swapped her duty with Joseph.B which mean't she was with Sophie and I. The annoying thing was the WHOLE TIME we walked around the school looking for problems, Sophie and Natasha sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" which was incredibly annoying! So it was only me looking for the problems. And when we walked past their friends they joined into their game and played for a little bit and gave them all pozi's (which I guess is what we have to do).

 Our duty ended quickly and it was already the second half of lunch, so we went back to the class and since I had a few pozi's left I left them for the next people doing the duty (they didn't do it). Natasha and Sophie actually threw their vests on the ground which wasn't respecting the classroom, so I picked up the vests and put them on the hooks. Them I went and played with my friends on the playground!

Technology #3

Technology #3!                                                        24/6/2016

Today we started sanding our tables, my design was different from everyone else. It was a  bit like an octogon (but not quite). We sanded, 
             and sanded, 
                                and sanded, 
                                                   like forever! But it was enjoyable anyway! I chatted with Sasha about learning and if she's finding this "Sanding" thing fun or not. (I guess we were empathising which is a learner quality) By the way Sasha if making a clock! We communicated well (learner quality) until it was time to pack up our things, the funny thing was, no one was asked to pack up. Everyone just started putting chairs up and sweeping the floor as if the teacher told us to, he was very satisfied with how we packed up without asking! We all worked together as a team to tidy the place up (I guess we collaborated to get the job done? Which is a learner quality) so the day was great until on the bus, the boys at the back of the bus swayed it back and forth by moving themselves constantly to the other side of the bus. But other than that I enjoyed my day and went home and told everyone about it!

Librarian duty #4

Librarian Duty #4!

This time when going to the library as a librarian I had to return and get out new books. A few books I chose for myself were by the author Jacqueline Wilson, L. Pichon and Rachel Renee Russel. I really enjoy their kinds of writing skills, that why I got those particular books. My sister likes these authors to and she never has time to go to the library so I got some books out for her as well (she thanked me when we got home)! We connect and communicate at home and read to each other (learner quality). 

Today at the library I put away books by myself (there were more than usual) because Brook forgot to come, so Mrs Ward tried to track her down out in the playground and found her before I finished putting the books away, which mean't she had to put the rest of the books away herself. We issued some books and let people know it was their turn on the computer. After a while Mrs Ward said that she'd like to know if we blog about doing librarian duty, so we went on the online zone (on the library computer) and showed her our blogs, mine isn't there because I was new to the school this term so ya! We told everyone it was time to pack up after that and all was well! :)

Technology #2 ( must do )

Technology #2                                                     9/6/2016

Today at technology I went to a different workshop because it was the end of the last one. I went to Wood works. At wood works we started our plan for making either a table, clock or tray. I chose a table. Me and Sasha used a learner quality here when we connected and collaborated (also communicating) on ideas for what our things should look like! I was curious as to what kinds of wood there were so I asked a question (learner quality). We had to draw a 3D sketch/ design of what we were making. Mine turned out quite interesting! :p  

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Using a range of multiplicative strategies.

In Maths we have been learning to use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating with whole numbers.

The strategies we have been learning are:

- Estimate the reasonableness of large problems like 1 788 – 891. Could 497 be right?
- Use multiplication to solve addition and subtraction problems eg.
  64 – 48 = as (8 x 8) – (6 x 8) = 2 x 8= 16
- Use doubling / halving, trebling/ thirding and adjusting to solve multiplication problems,
 eg.  12 x 50 solved as 4 x 150= 600
- Use an algorithm to solve multiplication problems.
- Solve problems using simple cube numbers .
- Use an algorithm to solve division problems.

Here is a link to my Multiplicative Strategies Assessment which shows that I know why and how I use particular strategies. This doc also has screenshots to show which IXL activities I have completed as part of my learning.My multiplicative strategies doc.

My next step in my Maths Learning is…… Using algorithm to solve division problems.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Peer mediator duty ( can do ) #2

Peer mediator duty #2                                            9/6/2016

Today was quite action packed! ( well, since nothing else has ever happened ). Me, Sophie and Joesph are just walking around then we see a kauri student ( year 5 or 6 ) and he's crying. We walk over and question ( learner quality ) what happened. No argument or dis-agreement, just a simple slip over on the concrete kinda thing. So we got a teacher and he got some friends to take him to the office... The next thing was it had been a while since the slip-over and someone was half crying half standing still doing nothing. So we asked what was wrong... Finally! I dis-agreement! Well not really, it's not a good thing, but at least we can do something! Suddenly right next to Sophie, a boy slips over and starts crying. Sophie takes care of that with another teacher while we sort out the other problem. We have the ipad with us so we fill in what happened. Apparently two boys ( one was him ) were playing a game of something like basketball when the boy we are talking to got a few scores the other boy said they didn't count. ( learner quality here was communication to Dean and his friend ) That caused the argument! Then the boy we were talking to ( Dean ) pointed to a boy over, across the courts. He said that was the boy, so the other boy came over and they started shouting at each other so I stopped them and said " Maybe you two should play a different game or not play with each other this lunchtime. " They agreed and played something else! ( we were all resilient because everyone was running around and playing crazy games at lunchtime by the way that's a learner quality :).

Library duty #3 ( can do )

Librarian duty blog post ( can do )                       8/6/2016

Today, another Wednesday, Librarian duty! At lunchtime 
I walk to the school library with Brook. We get there and Mrs. Ward isn't there, so we start putting away some books. I find two books that my sister, at home, likes to read! So I grab them and issue them for her on my account! We like communicating at home about these particular books because they are her favourite types!
Everyone came in and started reading their favourite books and playing on the computer. Some boys were fighting over next to the computers about who's going to go first. I  went over and tried sorting it out. I was being careful not to interfere to much or i'll end up fighting; I questioned ( learner quality ) about who asked the librarians ( me and Brook ) first. A boy said it was him, so he got to go on first then the other boy went on. I started reading one of the books I got for my little sister. They were actually very interesting and fun to read, I almost read the whole book! When it was time to pack up I communicated - learner quality ( told ) everyone it was time to pack up, everyone listened, the other boy on the computer almost sweared because he wanted to keep doing what he was doing but we told him he had to go outside and play. Another day, being a librarian! - my favourite can do job!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Year 7/8 Standard: Assessment task! Jacinta.

Year 7/8 Standard: Assessment task Jacinta 1/6/2016
WALT: I can use a use a wide range of comprehension strategies to understand text such as: - using their prior knowledge, along with information in the text, to interpret abstract ideas, complex plots, and sophisticated themes - gathering, evaluating, and synthesising information across a small range of texts - identifying and resolving issues that come from competing information in texts
Complete both texts and write the answers in your own words.
TASK 1 - read the text about Sneakairs

TEXT: EasyJet's Smart "Sneakairs" Makes Sightseeing Effortless

What I already know about navigating with maps?
  • There are heaps of different kinds of maps like: Navigation with the stars, paper, google etc...
  • The maps i'm mostly familiar with are online because every time my family go somewhere with the online maps, I tell them the way by saying " Go left here" " straight then right at the end of this road " and all that!
  • I also really love maps and I know the online maps are used with satalites around the earth in space to show you all the roads.
Who created “Senakairs?”?
Easy jet airlines.
How do the “Sneakairs” work?
  • The person types into the app on their phone, where they'd like to go, the shoes will show them the way guiding their feet by vibrating either the left or right shoe to change direction.
How do “Sneakairs” help tourists visiting a new city or town?
  • The person doesn't need to carry a big map around with them.
  • It looks to the people that live there, that they know how to get around easily and fast and dont need help.
What challenge does easyJet need to overcome before “Sneakairs” can go mainstream?
  • However, before Sneakairs can go mainstream, the easyJet team still needs to tweak the prototypes. Among the challenges that need to be addressed is the smart shoe’s three-hour battery life, which is hardly enough for a tourist to catch all the delights a new city or town has to offer!
Can you think of any other uses for smart shoes like Sneakairs? - (give at least 2)
  • A talking system in them as well so the person doesn't get confused with their left and right feet!
  • Different patterns on the shoes so that each and everyone is unique.
Can you think of a better invention than Sneakairs to help us navigate places? Why is that invention better than Sneakairs?
  • A watch that can navigate for you. The watch can tell you the exact time you'll get there because you might be late for something you need to do and it can 3D print out the road that you are about to head down so you know your going down the right road/street!

TASK 2: The purpose of this task is to identify details that support a main idea.
A main idea that the author David Hill often explores is: New Zealand's natural environment, and how awesome (impressive and amazing) and powerful it can be.
Read the following passages from pages 7, 8 and 9 of "The Sleeper Wakes" by David Hill.
a) Find details in the text that support this main idea. Underline these details.
b) Think about what the 'sleeper' is, and how it would 'wake' up. Highlight details in the text that suggest this development.
Two girls stood with their parents by a car, watching him. So Corey tried to look cool and expert, and he started up the track behind his father.
The blunt pyramid of Mt Taranaki lifted into a blue winter sky. Snow softened the cliffs where lava had flowed, thousands of years ago. High up towards the summit, the ridge of The Lizard showed where more lava had crawled downwards before cooling and setting.
Corey lowered his gaze to the 4WD track twisting up the mountain's north-east flank. Packed grey and green trees rose on either side. After just ten metres, all sounds from the carpark faded away. Only the crunch of their boots broke the silence.
Three steps ahead, his Dad walked steadily. He wore a woollen hat and green Gortex jacket to keep out the June cold. Warwick Lockyer, Department of Conservation Field Officer; expert on Mt Taranaki; tramper and climber.
His father loved this mountain. He loved its silences and stories, the way it tested people. Corey felt the same way. Being up here was the greatest feeling in the world. Pity some other people couldn't see it that way.
* * *
After 30 minutes' climbing, they paused, took deep breaths, and gazed around. The trees were lower. Tangled, waist-high shrubs had taken over, crammed together for shelter, tops flattened by the wind. In summer, white and yellow flowers blazed here, flowers that grew nowhere else in the world. Now everything huddled beneath winter snow.
Far below, the towns glinted like little grey models – New Plymouth, Inglewood, Stratford. Off to the left, the Tasman Sea was a sheet of grey steel.
On the horizon, blue-and-white shapes shouldered upwards: the peaks of Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro. Corey thought of Riki, the other DoC Field Officer. From Riki, he'd heard how Mt Taranaki once stood beside those other volcanoes, fought with them for the love of beautiful Mt Pihanga, then marched away in anger after losing the fight. Hardly any Maori people lived along the line between Ruapehu and Mt Taranaki; they believe that one day, Taranaki would head back in the fire and smoke to find his love again.
Corey stood listening to the silence. A puff of wind slid past. A pebble, loosened by the morning sun probably, dropped from an icy bank nearby.
'Awesome day,' Corey said.
His father nodded. 'Pity Dean couldn't make it.'
Corey glanced up at the dazzling white summit. Dean was a volcanologist who monitored New Zealand's North Island volcanoes to see if any eruptions seemed likely. He came to visit two or three times a year, even though nothing ever happened on Mt Taranaki.
Corey's father was gazing upwards, too. He stretched, and grinned at his son. 'Come on, mate. We're sleepier than this mountain.'

Leadership post ( must do )

Today I was playing with Tatiana, when we spotted some children playing on the senior playground when they weren't allowed too. We asked the duty teacher if we could go sort it out. So we went over to the senior playground and found out there were already some senior boys trying to sort it out but they needed help! So Tatiana asked one of the naughty boys to get off the playground, while I tried to reason with one and tell them "that today wasn't a day you were allowed on the playground because the field was wet. " ( I used the communicating learner quality here ) He wasn't listening, so I tried to use my manners and keep trying. Tatiana then said " Get off the playground " to the boy. Then he punched her in a hard way. A tear rolled down her cheek but she had to do her duty " Don't punch me again, or i'll tell the teacher " Then he punched her five times. She went off crying. I tried to help her. We sat down away from the boys, the bell rang at that moment. "( we were being self aware here )  We have to go back to class! " I said but she didn't want too. Everyone on the playground disappeared. The other seniors who were helping out asked if tatiana was okay. I asked them if they could track down the boy who did this, Because I didn't know what their names were or what room they were from. Tatiana and I made our way back to the classroom slowly. She then spotted Daniel Doyle, the child who did this, in room 24. We went back to class and everything got sorted out. :) kind of! :/

Library duty #2 ( can do )

Library duty #2                                                        1/6/2016

Today, Brook and I got to the library on Wednesday, lunchtime. I asked Mrs. Ward if we had to put away the books ( here I showed the learner quality for " Questioning " ) she said yes. So we put away all books and took our posts at the front desk of the library. We had a few small problems with the computer like when we had to issue a particular book that couldn't be issued. At the end of lunch e had to tell everyone it was pack up time and that the library was closed. Some boys had to pick up all the Lego they had spilt, so I helped them by picking it up with them. ( I used another learner quality here, collaborating ) and at the end I said goodbye to Mrs. Ward. It was already the end of my post but Tatiana told me to go and talk to some of her other friends, so we did. We went inside a classroom and said Hi. But as soon as we did, the bell rang. So we had to go, I held the door open for everyone as they walked out. ( here I showed the learner quality of being nice! ) ( nah just kidding! That's not a learner quality :P ) ... ( but it should be! )
;P :) ;P