Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Library duty #2 ( can do )

Library duty #2                                                        1/6/2016

Today, Brook and I got to the library on Wednesday, lunchtime. I asked Mrs. Ward if we had to put away the books ( here I showed the learner quality for " Questioning " ) she said yes. So we put away all books and took our posts at the front desk of the library. We had a few small problems with the computer like when we had to issue a particular book that couldn't be issued. At the end of lunch e had to tell everyone it was pack up time and that the library was closed. Some boys had to pick up all the Lego they had spilt, so I helped them by picking it up with them. ( I used another learner quality here, collaborating ) and at the end I said goodbye to Mrs. Ward. It was already the end of my post but Tatiana told me to go and talk to some of her other friends, so we did. We went inside a classroom and said Hi. But as soon as we did, the bell rang. So we had to go, I held the door open for everyone as they walked out. ( here I showed the learner quality of being nice! ) ( nah just kidding! That's not a learner quality :P ) ... ( but it should be! )
;P :) ;P

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