Thursday, 30 June 2016

Librarian duty #5

Librarian Duty #5                                  30/6/2016

Today the library was closed due to... I have no idea! I am sad that I can't do it because being a librarian is my favourite thing to do at school! So anyway I couldn't do my duty but I still show leadership every lunchtime! What I did was I played with Hailey and we found a soccer ball sitting in the middle of the senior court area behind rooms 11,10 and 9. It was just sitting there and no one was collecting it so we ran up to it, named it Sporty, and passed the ball to each other. Catching and throwing, passing and rolling, bouncing it off walls, playing games with it, playing netball and basketball with it... everything you could possibly do with a ball!

We didn't even realise we did it for the whole lunchtime because we were having so much fun! We let a few join in and made a great fun game! Then near the end of lunchtime we pretended it was a dog for fun and took it around the school slowly kicking it then pretending it had a lead on and pulled it around! We had the best fun we could have with a ball (did I already sat that?)! Anyway the leadership qualities we showed were comunication because we were talking and finding out what we could do with the ball, connecting a well because we connected in the game? Finally we were being self aware! I think? Anyway that's all for now bye!

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