Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Technology #5

Technology #5                                                       28/6/2016

Today was very eventful. I would be putting my special mark on the piece of wood (the table top) that I have been sanding for the past weeks and I get to start on sanding the table legs! But A few things went wrong in the process... Mr bowers did a big talk to us about how hot the ends of the poker burner things are and I listened very well to that. When it was my turn to do it though, i asked Mr. bowers to help me put in the plugs and turn it on, he accidently, before turning it off, burn't me on the hand/finger with the end of the poker thing. It hurt and was hot! He told me to quickly put it under cold water so I did. 

It was okay after a little while, but it still hurts even now when I put pressure on it. But I don't blame him for doing that, he didn't know I was beside him. ( I guess I showed the care value of Resilience here)It went okay after that, until I heard I had to drill htings in to my wood next... I freaked out in my mind but just breathed in and out slowly in the actual world. Mr, Bowers helped me because it was scary! It turned out well and now I just have to sand all the wood legs for the table. I great day (accept for the burn)!

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