Friday, 24 June 2016

Librarian duty #4

Librarian Duty #4!

This time when going to the library as a librarian I had to return and get out new books. A few books I chose for myself were by the author Jacqueline Wilson, L. Pichon and Rachel Renee Russel. I really enjoy their kinds of writing skills, that why I got those particular books. My sister likes these authors to and she never has time to go to the library so I got some books out for her as well (she thanked me when we got home)! We connect and communicate at home and read to each other (learner quality). 

Today at the library I put away books by myself (there were more than usual) because Brook forgot to come, so Mrs Ward tried to track her down out in the playground and found her before I finished putting the books away, which mean't she had to put the rest of the books away herself. We issued some books and let people know it was their turn on the computer. After a while Mrs Ward said that she'd like to know if we blog about doing librarian duty, so we went on the online zone (on the library computer) and showed her our blogs, mine isn't there because I was new to the school this term so ya! We told everyone it was time to pack up after that and all was well! :)

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