Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Technology #4

Technology #4!                                                     24/6/2016

Yet again, more sanding. 
Doesn't matter though because I know it is going to turn out amazing when it is finished and it will sit and my new bedroom next to my bed (if I do the sanding correctly)! I learn't some new tricks from Mr. Bowers which were the following, if you put the wood on an angle and sand hard on it it turns it very smooth and what we want! The types of sandpaper are: 100p, 180p, 320p, 600p, 1000p, 1200p, 1500p. They make is sharper and smoother! Anyway, when we got back on the bus the boys started rocking it back and forth back and forth annoyingly making the whole bus wobble and shake, again. I showed the care values of Respect and Excellnce when I was on the bus by being Resilient, self aware and communication (talking to the person next to me only.)

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