Thursday, 9 June 2016

Peer mediator duty ( can do ) #2

Peer mediator duty #2                                            9/6/2016

Today was quite action packed! ( well, since nothing else has ever happened ). Me, Sophie and Joesph are just walking around then we see a kauri student ( year 5 or 6 ) and he's crying. We walk over and question ( learner quality ) what happened. No argument or dis-agreement, just a simple slip over on the concrete kinda thing. So we got a teacher and he got some friends to take him to the office... The next thing was it had been a while since the slip-over and someone was half crying half standing still doing nothing. So we asked what was wrong... Finally! I dis-agreement! Well not really, it's not a good thing, but at least we can do something! Suddenly right next to Sophie, a boy slips over and starts crying. Sophie takes care of that with another teacher while we sort out the other problem. We have the ipad with us so we fill in what happened. Apparently two boys ( one was him ) were playing a game of something like basketball when the boy we are talking to got a few scores the other boy said they didn't count. ( learner quality here was communication to Dean and his friend ) That caused the argument! Then the boy we were talking to ( Dean ) pointed to a boy over, across the courts. He said that was the boy, so the other boy came over and they started shouting at each other so I stopped them and said " Maybe you two should play a different game or not play with each other this lunchtime. " They agreed and played something else! ( we were all resilient because everyone was running around and playing crazy games at lunchtime by the way that's a learner quality :).

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