Friday, 24 June 2016

Technology #3

Technology #3!                                                        24/6/2016

Today we started sanding our tables, my design was different from everyone else. It was a  bit like an octogon (but not quite). We sanded, 
             and sanded, 
                                and sanded, 
                                                   like forever! But it was enjoyable anyway! I chatted with Sasha about learning and if she's finding this "Sanding" thing fun or not. (I guess we were empathising which is a learner quality) By the way Sasha if making a clock! We communicated well (learner quality) until it was time to pack up our things, the funny thing was, no one was asked to pack up. Everyone just started putting chairs up and sweeping the floor as if the teacher told us to, he was very satisfied with how we packed up without asking! We all worked together as a team to tidy the place up (I guess we collaborated to get the job done? Which is a learner quality) so the day was great until on the bus, the boys at the back of the bus swayed it back and forth by moving themselves constantly to the other side of the bus. But other than that I enjoyed my day and went home and told everyone about it!

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