Friday, 24 June 2016

Peer mediator Duty #3

Peer mediator Duty #3!                                                 24/6/2016

I turned up on my peer mediator duty on time (self aware learner quality)! Natasha said she swapped her duty with Joseph.B which mean't she was with Sophie and I. The annoying thing was the WHOLE TIME we walked around the school looking for problems, Sophie and Natasha sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" which was incredibly annoying! So it was only me looking for the problems. And when we walked past their friends they joined into their game and played for a little bit and gave them all pozi's (which I guess is what we have to do).

 Our duty ended quickly and it was already the second half of lunch, so we went back to the class and since I had a few pozi's left I left them for the next people doing the duty (they didn't do it). Natasha and Sophie actually threw their vests on the ground which wasn't respecting the classroom, so I picked up the vests and put them on the hooks. Them I went and played with my friends on the playground!

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