Thursday, 9 June 2016

Library duty #3 ( can do )

Librarian duty blog post ( can do )                       8/6/2016

Today, another Wednesday, Librarian duty! At lunchtime 
I walk to the school library with Brook. We get there and Mrs. Ward isn't there, so we start putting away some books. I find two books that my sister, at home, likes to read! So I grab them and issue them for her on my account! We like communicating at home about these particular books because they are her favourite types!
Everyone came in and started reading their favourite books and playing on the computer. Some boys were fighting over next to the computers about who's going to go first. I  went over and tried sorting it out. I was being careful not to interfere to much or i'll end up fighting; I questioned ( learner quality ) about who asked the librarians ( me and Brook ) first. A boy said it was him, so he got to go on first then the other boy went on. I started reading one of the books I got for my little sister. They were actually very interesting and fun to read, I almost read the whole book! When it was time to pack up I communicated - learner quality ( told ) everyone it was time to pack up, everyone listened, the other boy on the computer almost sweared because he wanted to keep doing what he was doing but we told him he had to go outside and play. Another day, being a librarian! - my favourite can do job!

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