Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Leadership post ( must do )

Today I was playing with Tatiana, when we spotted some children playing on the senior playground when they weren't allowed too. We asked the duty teacher if we could go sort it out. So we went over to the senior playground and found out there were already some senior boys trying to sort it out but they needed help! So Tatiana asked one of the naughty boys to get off the playground, while I tried to reason with one and tell them "that today wasn't a day you were allowed on the playground because the field was wet. " ( I used the communicating learner quality here ) He wasn't listening, so I tried to use my manners and keep trying. Tatiana then said " Get off the playground " to the boy. Then he punched her in a hard way. A tear rolled down her cheek but she had to do her duty " Don't punch me again, or i'll tell the teacher " Then he punched her five times. She went off crying. I tried to help her. We sat down away from the boys, the bell rang at that moment. "( we were being self aware here )  We have to go back to class! " I said but she didn't want too. Everyone on the playground disappeared. The other seniors who were helping out asked if tatiana was okay. I asked them if they could track down the boy who did this, Because I didn't know what their names were or what room they were from. Tatiana and I made our way back to the classroom slowly. She then spotted Daniel Doyle, the child who did this, in room 24. We went back to class and everything got sorted out. :) kind of! :/

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