Friday, 27 May 2016

Technology ( must do )

Technology                                                         27/5/2016

Today at technology I used the collaborating learner quality by collaborating with my class. I chose to make a tablet/ipad holder to hold my tablet when doing you tube videos and just playing and working on my tablet. So I needed to hold something for me, other than me holding it myself. I used a learner quality, when I questioned about if it would work with others. I made the design on Tinkercad ( a 3D printing website ) and I asked the teacher if it was good, she said yes, so she made a smaller copy called a prototype so we could see if it would work. It would take till 12 which meant an hour. So I started making a plan for a new design i'd like. I decided to make a catnip pillow. A pillow for my cat to cuddle with catnip inside, ( catnip is something that smells nice to cats that makes them go crazy! ) they liked the idea so I went over into the sewing room and I got taught how to use a sewing machine, I was communicating well here ( learner quality ) with the teacher and questioning about what parts of the sewing machine do what. I started practicing to sew with the machine. I already know how to hand sew, ( it seems easier for me ) and when i'd finished doing that I started actually choosing the fabric for the pillow and the teacher said she had catnip in her desk somewhere that I could use. By tis time the tablet/ipad holder was finished 3D printing. It was also time for our time at technology to end. I took the 3D printed tablet holder and thanked the teacher for doing this for me. We all got back on the bus, I was self aware throughout the bus ride and was playing with my new tablet holder. Even though it was a prototype it worked well at home, until a piece of it fell off, but I didn't mind. The new catnip pillow is coming soon!

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