Friday, 27 May 2016

Kauri cross country! ( must do )

Kauri Cross Country!                                            27/5/2016

It is my second week this term and cross country is on Thursday. I am excited and have butterflies in my tummy at the same time. On the day of the cross country, all the classes walked down in single file, one after the other. Us seniors were at the back. When we got there, we all sat down and had some morning tea. I sat down with my friends, and here I showed communication, talking with my friends about how our previous cross countries have gone and how we feel about running 3km. I was super excited ( and quite scared ) about the race. We were up first though...  us year seven girls. So we lined up and got ready to go, when the race started, others got in front I was near the back, but I didn't mind because I sped up and stayed in the middle. Someone fell over at the start and hurt themselves but they got back up and kept going. Throughout the race I was huffing and puffing, but luckily i like long distance running. It's better and easier I find. I was being self aware during the race when I stood out of peoples way and of course kept my hands and feet to myself. During the race even though I was tired I still spoke and silently cheered others on and tried to start up a conversation with Sasha by saying " this is quite hard , eh? " or something like that. I think that means i'm connecting which is a learning quality. Not sure Sasha heard me but I didn't mind. Finally I could see the finish line up ahead. I sprinted on up, my face was probably bright red because I was so hot. I came 8th. Which isn't bad for me so I really enjoyed it. My friend Hayley came 6th i believe and Tatiana i'm not sure she was in the top 10 but she really tried! Me and Hayley empathized ( learning quality ) by talking about how we felt before and after the race. We both felt resilient. ( another learning quality ). In fact after a while I felt like a could run another lap! At the end of the day I felt proud ad like a leader.

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