Thursday, 26 May 2016

Librarian blog post #1 ( can do )

Librarian blog post                                                        25/5/2016

Today was my first day for doing my job as a librarian. Mrs Ward let me try out for today at lunch and so I came with Brook and we helped put away books and I learn't which coloured books go where and where everything is so i quite enjoyed my time there! The library is a lovely place to go when you want to read about what you like, in silence ( or whispering ) and you can finish off SML and homework. I sat at the desk where Mrs ward sits, with Brook and we would read our books until someone wanted a book issued! Up to 4 people came to the desk, wanting a book out and at the end of lunchtime I went and told everyone it was time to pack up their games and all the stuff they were doing. I got a cool badge as well ( the librarian badge ) and so now I am a librarian and i really am enjoying it! One of the leadership qualities i used was collaboration when Brook and I worked as a team to get one job done after the next.

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