Thursday, 26 May 2016

Peer mediator duty ( can do ) #1

Peer mediator duty. #1                                                 26/5/2016

Today no one was with me accept Hayley who was just helping but not actually on duty. Because no one who was supposed to be on, came. I showed self awareness here, because I showed up on time! Unlike the others who were supposed to be on with me. When walking around school having a good eye out for people in need ( and Milan because she had forgotten she was on with me ), you notice that more people need help than you think they do and that there are arguments going on everywhere! I also couldn't find the ipad to record all details of your duty if something happened. It was no where to be seen! I went around the senior playground, on the field ( where the most trouble was ) and around in the junior area. I went around the backs of some classrooms to make sure no one was playing around there. When I got back from peer mediator duty I hung my green vest up then realized someone had made a big mess of all the vests because they were all over the floor really, so I picked all of them up and put them on their right full hooks. Then what I found under the last green vest was.. The ipad! I was happy it didn't get lost, but sad because I wondered why they would put it there.

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