Thursday, 8 September 2016

Peer Mediator Duty #5

Peer mediator Duty #5
Today Katie helped me because the others weren't here but we had at least a dozen problems to deal with! The first one was in the juniors on the netball court, there was a girl crying because some other little kids grabbed her skipping rope when she put it on the ground. So we walked over there and asked "What's wrong?" and we got all the information! They agreed to share the skipping rope and play "Slither and jump rope".

The next problem was outside rooms 14 and 15. A boy was crying because he had no one to play with. Luckily, another little boy came and asked if that boy wanted to play with them. He said "okay", problem solved!

The next one was on the courts, someone feel over and some people took him to the sickbay which was fine. Another incident happened and another person feel over and got taken there too.

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