Friday, 23 September 2016

Peer mediator duty #6

Peer mediator duty #6                       20/9/2016

Today was more eventful than some. I filled in for someone who had forgotten to do their duty with Katie, so I helped out! Before we'd started, we had bumped into some little juniors and one of them was bleeding so Katie took them to the sick bay. Since most incidents happen in the junior area, we went there to see if there were some problems to deal with.

We were right. We dealt with at least two arguments over equipment and then ran out of time so we finished up. Someone had thrown the green vests all over the floor so I picked them up and then we went to play. The learner qualities I showed were Active thinking, because we questioned what had happened. Community, we collaborated on our work (peer mediation). Excellence because we communicated well.

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