Monday, 17 October 2016


We went to Koru games in term 3 and played well and fierce.

The girls soccer team had been practicing for the whole of three terms to get ready for the big day. It didn't go as well as we thought, but we fought well, and proud. We played about five schools throughout the whole tournament. We lost all of them accept one was quite special to me. Since a girl broke her leg while we were playing, we could choose weather to keep on playing or do a penalty shoot out. Mrs Alice (our coach) chose penalty shoot out. I had been chosen to be one of the five people that would try to score past their goalie, so far all my team members had failed at that task but when I stood up, I wanted to make my school proud, so I stood up there, got ready, and...
I SCORED A GOAL!!! My first one in the tournament (and the teams only one). On the way back to school I felt good and i'm looking forward to Koru games next year!

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