Friday, 28 October 2016

Librarian Duty #7

Librarian Duty #7                             26/10/2016

After I did long distance on the field, I went to the library to do my duty. I got there and Brooke was already there putting books away so I helped her out. Mrs. Ward added more to the pile so we had more to do, we didn't mind. After I placed the books in their rightful order I checked on how everyone was going as I started reading my own book. Time flied as it was already time to pack up and leave. I told everyone the library was closed and I as on my way! 
The C.A.R.E values I showed today were collaborate,(helping Brooke with the books) connecting, (we connected to see who would do which books) questioning, (I asked Mrs. Ward where a book should go) and Communication (because we talked).

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