Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Librarian Duty #10

Librarian Duty #10                          16/11/2016

On Wednesday Brook and I walked to the library and put away some books, thinking we'd be doing the same thing everyday. Surprisingly we were assigned a job I never thought would happen as a Librarian, cutting out old bar codes (plus a bit of the actual page) and ripping out the thing that showed when it was taken out and in before the computer site. Those books are going to classrooms so you don't have to get them out and in from the library and also because those books were old and they didn't belong in the library anymore. Just after we'd finished doing our assigned job it was already time to pack up. The care qualities I showed today were; communication (talking to someone who needed to know where a book was), connecting (to Brook when doing out job), collaboration (Helping Brook do these bar codes) and being self aware. After that I went to go play with my friends.

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