Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Peer Mediation #9

Peer mediation Duty #9                28/10/2016

Today I did my duty with Sophie and Grace, we wandered around the junior area (because that's where all the problems were) and we had little buddies following behind in our footsteps so those two got a bit carried away. But anyway We were searching for problems and I little boy came up to me with his friends and wanted to go to the sick bay because he'd hurt his knee and it was red, so I told him he could take two friends with him to the sick bay because we wouldn't want ten people storming into the office for just one little cut. It was 12:00pm at this time as we walked passed our classroom. Immediately Grace and Sophie took off their vests and said they needed to do something important, but I said we should do our duty. They walked off anyway so I had to do it alone for the next ten minutes. I looked for someone else to do peer mediator duty with me while I looked around but I couldn't find anyone so I felt a bit alone. I came across one other minor problem that's not worth talking about, then I finished up my duty. I went to go play Capture the Flag!
I showed the care values Community, Active thinking, and Excellence.

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