Friday, 30 June 2017

Student Leaders #8 - Bake Sale!

Student Leaders #8    - Bake Sale!     30/6/2017

On Tuesday we had a bake sale! I brought food and also brought money to buy some other food to add to the total money for the year 8's trip to Wellington (which I'm in)! The House Captains (also me) and a few of the other Student Leaders helped to set up the bake sale with tables to put the food on and also bringing the food out onto those tables. We set two tables up in each ares of the school (the juniors, basketball court, and the senior area).
Then as a House Captain I had to manage one of the stalls. I did this with Alex and Tracy and we did the basketball court one which was packed when people started coming to get the delicious cakes and biscuits. But the only downfall about this job was that you had to stand in front of all the amazingly done cupcakes... and NOT eat them :(         
Well we did it which was good, (but it was very hard to do) and we got on with our job well.

       We showed all the CARE values when doing this.

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