Friday, 7 July 2017

Technology #1

                     Technology #1          7-7-2017       

On Thursday (Yesterday) the 7/8 group traveled by bus to Lincoln Primary  like we do every Thursday.
We all hop off the bus and split off into our won groups; No one who likes me is in my group so it's quite unsettling in my group for me. But anyway, we're in Science this time and we learn't about Atoms the first week, then we learn't about rockets and this week we learn't about microscopes. We saw lots of stuff while looking into them like weird flowers, frog blood, a home flies leg (and-more-not-so-great-stuff-to-look-at) We had fun though which was good so yeah.

The care values/leadership qualities I showed were: Community (collaborating with stuff at science) Active Thinking (Questioning what some stuff was) Respect (Communicating) and Excellence (Being resilient).   

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