Wednesday, 5 April 2017

HLC #2 Make a code language (design your own challenge)

Make a code language 3/4/2017

E10. Design your own challenge:

I did this challenge with my friend Alex, previously we had done an activity in class time with others; about making your own secret language. I had an idea that we could make a code language ourselves and turn it into a home learning challenge, so... here we go!

Unfortunately I cannot write it out on here because they are funny designs that obviously don't show up on the keyboard so if you want to see the live thing just ask me. :)

The way we designed them for each letter we would muddle up what it was made out of... eg;
A = | | -

It is not "A = 11", we took apart what it was made out of (two long lines on the outside and one shorter line forming the inside of the A) we thought this was quite a smart way of doing it so that's what we stuck with... Some of them aren't this way though, some we could not make out a good enough character for the letter so we just had to make them up. :/

Overall this home learning challenge was super fun and I really enjoyed making it! :D

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