Monday, 22 May 2017

Cross country

                        Cross country                17/5/2017

Oaklands School journeyed to Westlake park to begin their cross country. Our bags were all packed; lunch, drink bottle, jacket etc. The House Captains (us), were all carrying cricket bats for the games are are going to play with the other year levels. Before we went down in the long line  of kauri students we spread ourselves down it to act as parent helpers because there weren't enough. I'm looking forward to running in the cross country with all my friends! 

When we got there it was very cold and there was a slight wind. We (all the house captains) split off the group and started unpacking and getting ready for their games. The rest of the school arrived and we all went back to sit in the area we were supposed to sit in (the athletes zone)!

The first runners up were the year 4's! While the year 6's went to go play their game with the other House Captains. After a while of wandering around the place, I did my game with the year 7/8's and then we got ready for our run! I was waiting for a friend to get out of the bathroom and we almost missed the start because they had already lined up and were all ready to go in their lines... we got there just before the first of the year 7/8's went off (the year 7 girls). The year sevens went, then shortly after the year 7 boys, then us, finally the year 8 boys after that. 

We were all off running, I didn't go full speed because I was savoring my energy for later on in the race. I ran with my friends; we said we would all run together but if someone stops running and walks then we could just keep going on because we didn't want to wait for our friends. :P

This is Part 1,

The care values we all showed were all of them because that is what we were supposed to do!

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