Monday, 22 May 2017

Flags and bins Job

                 Flags and bins Job             22/5/2017 

 I came to school in the morning and found out the flags and bins hadn't been done; I'm not on in the morning so I wanted to know what was up. It turned out that someone who does it in the morning, wasn't here today, probably sick, and the others in the morning had "forgotten" or something. So Mr. Ladbrook called all the house captains together and we talked about how no one had done them. He told us we all had to go do them NOW, so we did. It was very cold today so I didn't really want to go outside but I did anyway. 

I went with Tracy who had just got to school and hadn't even done the roll yet. I did two of the flags (Active Thinking and Excellence) and as I was doing them I realized that there are only 3 morning people and 5 afternoon people because someone switched to afternoon which meant it was unbalanced so we're going to sort this out today in our Student Leader meeting at morning tea.

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