Friday, 29 July 2016

Peer Mediator Duty #4

Peer Mediator Duty #4

Today was an eventful day at lunchtime on duty. First we did a quick round of the school looking for problems, none. When we got back and were about to finish up, someone was sitting on the senior classroom steps with tears rolling down her cheeks, she looked lonely. Sophie and I, went up and asked "What is wrong?" Then she told us...

Her friends said they wanted to talk together by themselves, so she let them. They went at least five meters away and started whispering in each others ears. The girl who was crying thought they were talking about her, so she scooted over there and said "are you finished?" they said "NO!" then they kept on talking. Finally one girl said "My mum doesn't want me to hang out with you anymore." The girl crying didn't like what she said so she said "Your mum is mean!" the girls whispering got insulted by that and ran away.

Sophie and I thought that this wasn't good, so we followed the girl clearing up her tears, to the playground where they were. We slowly sorted it out getting both stories from each of them then decided that they might not want to play with each other again.

The C.A.R.E values I showed were Respect, community and Active thinking because I connected and communicated with them and questioned what happened. :D

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