Tuesday, 14 March 2017

E6: Research a job you are interested in!

E6: Research a job you are interested in!

A job i’m interested in: S.P.C.A Volunteer!


  • You officially need to be 16 years or over.

  • Be able to commit to one year of volunteering. Shifts are 2-4 hours depending on assignment.

  • Be able to see and interpret animal behaviour and body language.

  • With a positive attitude, emotionally manage a workplace that can be stressful.

  • Remember and follow the shelter rules at all times.

  • Understand and fulfill all responsibilities of the role independently.


I believe you just show up and ask if you can do it then fill out paperwork and come once a week!

Overall: One day I definitely want to become an SPCA volunteer and look after animals so I will take all this on board.  :)

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