Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Swimming Trials to zones Part 2

Swimming Trials to zones Part 2         2/3/17

Carrying on from the other blog post i made...

I'm sitting on the steps near the swimming pool. Watching the backstroke is interesting... It's cool to see other people swim and how they swim particularly. Now I wish I had entered becuase when it finished, my friend, got into the zones for swimming because she was the only one doing the race because all the fast people are doing breaststroke. :/

We line up ready for the swimming race, butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, I feel a bit sick, but anyways...
The race will start soon and i'm feeling a bit better, we line up ready for the race, we get set... and... someone falls into the pool so we have to start again. 3...2...1... GO!!! I dive in a chill running down my spine, I failed the dive AGAIN... but it doesn't matter anymore I need to do well.

I do breaststroke up to the end then turn around and come back I think I did well but when I break the surface on the last stroke I find out i'm last... (or 4th if you prefer it that way). I'm unhappy with my results but I still enjoyed the day swimming with my friends, so I still think it was worth it! :)

The care values I showed were community (for talking and chatting kindly to others), excellence (for being excellent) and respect (for respecting other if they didn't do so well in their race I still clap and cheer for them :D  )


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