Monday, 20 March 2017

Student Leaders #1

Student Leaders #1                           20/3/2017

Every day after school Cormac, Emily, Natasha and I take in the flags the people in the morning put out. At around 2:45 pm we go to through the hall and into the radio station room (because that's where we put them) and unlock the doors so we can take them in without scratching the sides against the walls. We each go out and get a flag and come back in to put them down (those flags are: The Community flag, the Active Thinking flag, the Respect flag, and the Excellence flag). There are always two left after that because there are six in total so two start locking up the place while two get the last two flags that are still out (which are the 'Oaklands School' flags; situated usually in the parking lot).

After a job well done we go back to finish the last few minutes of school in class.

The care values I showed today were: Community, Active Thinking, Respect and Excellence.

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