Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Student Leaders #4

Student Leaders #4                           07/03/2017

Today we have been deciding who will read the google slide we've all been working on to show the school our bin idea. I volunteered. I will read the Rata coloured slide because I'm a Rata house captain. We lined up for assembly on Monday and went straight over to the hall, where there were already some classes waiting patiently for the assembly to begin. We sat at the front where the student leaders all sit and, as well as those classes, wait for the assembly to begin. After a while when the assembly had already started we get invited up onto the stage, the house captains and I, and we present our google slide we've created, everyone loves the idea and so far it's working well! 
The care values I showed were community, active thinking, respect and excellence!

Link to our slide we showed: House captains rubbish bin challenge!

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